March 13, 2015

SCZ (Super Crazy Zoo)


This week's theme was reversions of "old fashion" decks. However, today I would like to introduce a brand-new deck. Do you think "brand-new" is exaggerating? Nope, I'm pretty sure however long Magic's history may be, no one's ever done this before. I mean, who in the right mind starts turn one with "Lightning Bolt myself"? It's against every rule in the strategy book.

Japan's crazy deck builder Atsushi Ito and his new deck SCZ are responsible for this abomination against Magic strategic principal. This crazy deck takes the form of a Zoo deck; half the deck is devoted to attacking the opponent with cheap creatures. I suppose there are games where it doesn't ever reveal its hidden identity and attacks the opponent with Wild Nacatls and SteppeLynxes. However, its true form is as a deadly one-shot-kill deck, much like that of Infect, with cards like Become Immense and Temur Battle Rage. Don't lower your guard, or you'll be assaulted by a huge double-striking trampler!

This evil combo deck hides it fangs until the last moment as much as possible by using zero-mana cantrips like Gitaxian Probe and Street Wraith, which also fill the graveyard. These two and other zero-mana draw spells make up almost half of the deck. Using these to put five cards in the graveyard is stage one…is what I would say if this was a normal Magic deck working under common reason.

However, this deck plays Death's Shadow.

These cantrips cost life and the Zoo deck already pays for its fetch lands and shock lands, often starting the game at 14 life. This Death's Shadow has created a ruthless, mad deck that doesn't hesitate to Lightning Bolt itself.

I mean, I guess that makes sense.

Atsushi Ito's SCZ (Super Crazy Zoo)

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