March 11, 2015

Privateer Press - New Warmachine Previews


Privateer Press announced Rekoning, a new sourcebook for warmachine, and the Retribution of Scyrah Army Box:

WARMACHINE: Reckoning brings you the next thrilling chapter of the WARMACHINE saga. Fight for survival with:

• New warcasters, including new heroes as well as epic incarnations of some of WARMACHINE’s most feared and revered legends.

• A new generation of colossals to level the opposition.

• An array of new warjacks, including the personal warjacks of several powerful warcasters.

• New solos to bring a greater range of utility to the battlefield.

• New narrative fiction continuing the action of WARMACHINE: Vengeance.

• A painting and modeling guide to help you prepare your forces for battle.

• Theme Force lists for each new warcaster, which allow you to create armies based on specialized forces found in the WARMACHINE world.

This box contains a complete 35-point army with the following models:

• Warcaster Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn

• Banshee Heavy Myrmidon

• Manticore Heavy Myrmidon

• Houseguard Halberdier Unit (10)

• Houseguard Halberdier Officer & Standard Unit Attachment

• Houseguard Rifleman Unit (10)

• Arcanist Solo

• Houseguard Thane Solo

• Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios Mercenary Solo

Also included in this box:

• Digest-sized WARMACHINE rulebook with complete core rules

• Strategy cards with tactics and tips for your army

Link: Privateer Press

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