March 24, 2015

Oath of Druids in Vintage


When Forbidden Orchard was printed, Oath of Druids players celebrated that they finally had a game against control decks—decks which, at the time, were noncreature decks full of counter spells.

The Oath of Druids deck also played counters, but Oath of Druids was meaningless in the control match. It seriously was just a two-mana ornament to the table against a creature-less deck. It got a laugh here and there, but you mostly received pity for having to play Tropical Island, which—again, at the time—was so unpopular compared to the other blue dual lands.

I know this sounds ridiculous now, but I'm not kidding. The deck even played Verdant Touch to give the opponent a creature. That's how desperate it was. Myself? I was on the other side of the table with Nevinyrral's Disk or Powder Keg, which could destroy creature lands at the time.

Now, things have changed.

Those removal cards have been replaced. On the other hand, Oath has become an irreplaceable archetype in the wickedest format of Magic. In return for giving the opponent a 1/1, not only does the deck get a Griselbrand, but it draws into Yawgmoth's Will, plays multiple Moxes and Black Lotus, and finally ends with Tendrils of Agony. It seems like the deck has a mind of its own sometimes, but I'm glad people are still having fun with Oath of Druids.

Roberto Rocchi's Oath of Druids

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