March 18, 2015

Mono-Red Aggro at GP Miami


The metagame in Magic: The Gathering is the evolution decks go through to defeat whatever sits across from them. In the current fast metagame, further aggression is one direction a deck can take, since players are already dealing damage to themselves with Mana Confluence.

That's why I think red decks like Ryan Grodzinski's and Brian Lee's had good results at Grand Prix Miami: The two new dash creatures add more speed to the deck. These creatures are useful in that you can cast them for their regular cost in the early game. Later in the game, when there's a lot more mana at your disposal, you can topdeck one and attack right away by paying the dash cost. Goblin Heelcutter's ability preventing a creature to block is no joke. You can really frighten an Abzan player comfortably sitting back behind a Siege Rhino with 8 points of damage with Heelcutter plus Goblin Rabblemaster. How's that for countering 3 points of drain from that rhino?

There is another merit to dash as well. One reason traditional Mono-Red couldn't get a foothold in Standard was because Abzan had Drown in Sorrow in the sideboard. Mono-Red's creatures don't grow larger than 2 toughness and the deck gradually drowned in sorrow.

Now it has the dash option. By playing dash creatures, Mono-Red can strand Drown in Sorrow in the opponent's hand and hit hard the following turn if the opponent ever decides to cast it.

Taking 3 points of damage is always a threat from a deck that can switch into a burn strategy.

Ryan Grodzinski's Mono-Red Aggro—Top8, GP Miami

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