March 12, 2015

Modern Loam at Pro Tour Fate Reforged


There have been a wide variety of Life from the Loam decks in the history of Magic. It's hard to define "a Loam deck" due to its wide usage over many archetypes. It depends a lot on what cards it's paired up with, and sometimes the deck is called something else if Loam is only a part of the deck. Dredge is a good example.

I dug up as much information as I could on Modern Loam and discovered it has shifted from its "old fashioned" Aggro Loam form. Instead, I would call it a reversion of the original "Loam" deck. Raphaël Lévy's deck has hardly any aggro aspect.

It's built to slowly choke the opponent using Life from the Loam over and over again. The deck stretches out the game with Smallpox and Liliana of the Veil, and digs through its library with Faithless Looting and dredge cards. Whenever it hits Life from the Loam, it assures a replenished hand. From there, the deck focuses on drowning the opponent in card advantage. Dredging Life from the Loam gives the deck flashback and replenish spells, and redundant Tectonic Edge is a win condition in itself.

Any token put on the battlefield in the proses works as a finisher.

Raphaël Lévy's Loam

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