March 05, 2015

March 5, 2015


With no premier events taking place this past weekend, the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings changed only as points diminished from last year. Owen Turtenwald's lead at the top may have narrowed, but the 5-point lead he holds over No. 2 Lee Shi Tian of Hong Kong is still equivalent to an outstanding Grand Prix finish, and Lee is the only player who can topple Turtenwald with a single event result. Even No. 3 Eric Froehlich is a full 10 points adrift of the top spot.

Our top three in the rankings are also the top three in this year's Player of the Year race, with the Hong Kong player (53 points) leading Turtenwald (50) and Froehlich (49). Next up in the chase for POY is Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir champion Ari Lax (48), currently sitting at No. 8 in the Top 25. Other players who have already accumulated 40 or more points this season include No. 7 Shahar Shenhar (45), No. 5 Shaun McLaren (44), No. 4 Ivan Floch (43), No. 9 Jacob Wilson (41), and No. 10 Sam Black (40).

The shuffling that did take place this week was due entirely to point totals from last year diminishing, which means that players with more recent results tended to fare better. Shenhar dropped a spot this week, switching places with No. 6 William Jensen, while No. 13 Seth Manfield and No. 14 Paul Rietzl swapped places in the middle of the Top 25, No. 22 Alexander Hayn and No. 23 Kentaro Yamamoto traded places near the bottom, and No. 20 Yuuki Ichikawa dropped just below No. 18 Stanislav Cifka and No. 19 Ben Stark.

This coming weekend will see action on both sides of the Atlantic. Grand Prix Liverpool features Fate Reforged/Khans of Tarkir Limited action, while Grand Prix Miami brings us the vibrant Standard format. Join us next week for all the latest moves in the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings.

1Owen Turtenwald77.87 1
2Lee Shi Tian72.75 2
3Eric Froehlich67.85 3
4Ivan Floch66.55 4
5Shaun McLaren64.89 5
6William Jensen63.45 +17
7Shahar Shenhar62.85 -16
8Ari Lax62.06 8
9Jacob Wilson60.37 9
10Samuel Black60.13 10
11Reid Duke58.49 11
12Yuuya Watanabe57.51 12
13Seth Manfield52.20 +114
14Paul Rietzl52.13 -113
15Jeremy Dezani51.81 15
16Willy Edel50.34 16
17Martin Juza50.23 17
18Stanislav Cifka49.79 +119
19Ben Stark49.61 +120
20Yuuki Ichikawa49.37 -218
21Andrew Cuneo45.96 21
22Alexander Hayne45.61 +123
23Kentaro Yamamoto44.85 -122
24Chris Fennell44.23 24
25Patrick Chapin43.75 25

Dropped from rankings: NONE

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