March 31, 2015

Jesse Parnell's belcher at Legacy: Worcester


The second of this week's fun-to-goldfish decks is the opposite of yesterday's deck in that it's super simple. Basically, you can tell whether you can go off by just looking at your opening hand, and it doesn't take long.

The game is usually over on turn one, or at least by turn two. Also, many combo decks have to worry about drawing lands in their opening hand, but not this one.

Why? Because there's only one land in the whole deck.

One-land Belcher uses huge amounts of temporary mana effects plus Goblin Charbelcher, Empty the Warrens, and Burning Wish. Why does it only have one land? That would be for its win condition—Goblin Charbelcher.

If you don't hit a land, it deals damage equal to the number of cards in your library.

All you have to do is find four mana to cast it and three mana to activate it. A sum of seven mana without lands and Belcher is a one-card combo. That's the decks ultimate goal.

Forget about Force of Will. It's a nightmare to combo decks, but you can't beat it so don't even try. If you have a choice, you can go for Empty the Warrens, but beyond that all you can do is play your cards and pray.

The deck would love to play zero lands, but lands are such an easy source of mana they settled for one.

It's basically a Mox Emerald/Mox Ruby that the deck has five of with Land Grant. Once in a while you come across the awkward situation of activating Charbelcher and finding Stomping Ground five cards down, but that's how this deck rolls. No pain, no gain—so get over it or play a different deck.

Jesse Parnell's belcher at Legacy: Worcester

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