March 06, 2015

Jeskai Stoneblade at Super IQ


If I was to name my favorite archetype in recent Magic, it would be Caw-Blade. I assure you it isn't ONLY because of how dominatingly powerful Stoneforge Mystic and Jace, the Mind Sculptor were. It was a control deck that could act as an aggro deck when you needed it to. It was my ideal deck because it was really up to the pilot which style it took or how well it performed. That is what I think Magic is all about.

In short, it was a fun deck to play. I ASSURE you I didn't find satisfaction in attacking with an equipped Squadron Hawk holding counter magic. OK, I admit I liked it a little, but that really isn't what the deck is about.

In Legacy, my beloved Squadron Hawk has fallen from the ranks, but this is basically the same deck. It's a control-based deck with a quick clock of Stoneforge Mystic into Batterskull. Against combo, the deck act as a beatdown deck. Against quicker decks—like Delver of Secrets—it plays a longer game, taking the role of a control deck. I'm excited just talking about it. This is pure Magic. Don't you think so?

Jeffrey Kramer's Jeskai Stoneblade—7th Place, Super IQ

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