March 30, 2015

Jack Kitchen's Painter SCG Premier IQ—Baltimore


A combo deck's biggest nightmare is Force of Will.

Being able to counter something for zero mana feels very unfair, especially after playing just that deck and bringing it to your first tournament. Your combo is disrupted somehow, even though you went off when they were tapped out. Just as annoying is when they have cheap counters, like Spell Pierce or Spell Snare.

But, fine, if that's how they want to play let's go eye-for-an-eye and play main deck Pyroblasts, laughing in the face of all those Force of Wills.

If you're into mainboard anti-blue cards, why don't you try out this deck: Painter.

Painter's combo is playing Painter's Servant, selecting a color, and activating Grindstone. This combo immediately destroys the opponent's library. Painter's Servant effect covers the library so Grindstone can mill the whole library into the graveyard.

Both cards are easy to cast; Grindstone costs one mana and Servant two. Therefore, you have the flexibility of choosing from a one-drop, two-drop, three-turn kill, or building up your board slowly for a longer game. Pyroblast comes handy in this slower plan.

The combo can be disrupted by removing Painter's Servant with Grindstone's activation on the stack. To prevent this, Painter makes all spells blue. Swords to Plowshares and Lightning Bolt are blue and therefore can be countered. Of course, those evil blue counterspells can be countered as well, at any time, for the low, low price of one red mana.

Jack Kitchen's Painter SCG Premier IQ—Baltimore

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