March 10, 2015

Green-White Midrange (with Splash) at Pro Tour Fate Reforged


Last month's Pro Tour was a successful tournament for many old-fashioned decks. By "old fashioned" I mean archetypes that have been absent from the tournament scene. Many revisions of these old-fashioned decks have returned in new styles. I don't mean abstract color combinations like White-Blue Control or Mono-Red Aggro. I mean decks with specific combos or cards, or those defined by a certain characteristic.

I will start with the Green-White Midrange (splashing black) piloted to the Top 8 by Jacob Wilson.

The winning deck of Grand Prix Chicago in 2012 is the foundation of this deck. Wilson was also the winner of that tournament, now that I think of it. This archetype was gradually replaced by the Birthing Pod decks, which had a similar build but added a combo. The Modern format at the time was not exactly the same as it is now; Wild Nacatl and Bitterblossom were banned and Deathrite Shaman was not. However, it was very similar in that there were more Jund decks than Abzan or Combo so I'm not surprised the deck did well at the Pro Tour.

The old version played a variety of cards to disrupt various combos main-deck, switching these into better answers after sideboard. The new version leaves this role to only two Thoughtseizes, making room for a better matchup against fair decks in the main deck. Against unfair decks and bad matchups, it has a full sideboard. I like this better because it's more straightforward as to what to keep as an opening hand.

Jacob Wilson's GW(b) Midrange—Top 8, Pro Tour Fate Reforged

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