March 23, 2015

Dredge at Grand Prix Auckland Side Event


Magic is game of construction. Interactions occur as both players try to build a favorable board state. Ideally, that is what Magic is about. However, there are times we feel the urge to sway off the path.

The Vintage Super League held on Magic Online is a perfect example. It's a display of overly powerful cards swinging left and right. Turn-one, turn-two kills are only the beginning, as there are so many cards that ignore the very foundation of Magic. Vintage is like professional wrestling, but without the rules. I've only played Vintage once in my life. I remember keeping a Force of Will plus a one-turn kill on the draw, thinking "I have this." My opponent parried my combo and killed me on the returning turn. That's my personal memory of Vintage.

This week I would like to introduce some of these kinds of Vintage decks.

Starting off, I have William Henderson's Dredge deck he used to win the side event in Grand Prix Auckland, an event I happened to be at. Dredge decks have existed ever since the old Extended format. However, the Vintage version's danger level jumps to a whole different level.

The key to the deck is Bazaar of Baghdad. Dredge needs to draw cards in order to dredge and needs to be able to discard the dredge cards. So you can see how perfect this card is. The game is basically over if you can play Bazaar on turn one and activate it to discard a dredge card. All you have to do is activate Bazaar again during your upkeep, dredging into more dredge cards. At that point, your opponent should be left with a ransacked hand from Cabal Therapy, while you should have a bunch of Zombie tokens and a full graveyard. That is pretty much the worst-case scenario.

You can tell how important having Bazaar on turn one is by the Serum Powders in the deck.

William Henderson's Dredge at GP Auckland Side Event

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