March 05, 2015

Death and Taxes at Premier IQ


What if a Legacy tournament is full of Delver of Secrets? If that's the case, this is the deck I would use—a monocolored deck that plays Æther Vial and can attack the opponent's mana base.

The creature list consists of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, who changes cheap cantrips into expensive ones; Stoneforge Mystic, a massive source of advantage; Serra Avenger and Flickerwisp, who can put up a fight against Insectile Aberration; and Mother of Runes, to protect these creatures from removal either with her ability or by being a target herself. All of this adds up to a frustratingly potent combination that's difficult for many decks to deal with.

Sure, Death and Taxes can't suddenly rearrange its hand full of lands into a hand full of spells with a Brainstorm, or seal off an opponent with Force of Will backup. However, it can slowly and steadily build up a favorable board to win the game.

Death and Taxes has a very good matchup against decks that use cards like Delver of Secrets and try to burn through their resources to momentarily get ahead. Its bad matchups are against combo decks that take the lead and finish the game before Death and Taxes has a chance to catch up. There's no point in being able to win on turn five when your opponent kills you on turn three. The best you can do is strip as much of your opponent's mana as you can, play Thalia or Phyrexian Revoker, and pray that you can live to see turn five when you can finish the game.

Ryan Nayar's Death and Taxes—6th Place, Premier IQ

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