March 24, 2015

Break! Wargamer All Against Cancer Charity


The WAAC charity is again raising funds for the MacMillan Cancer Support including a £5 challenge:

Some may have seen the £5 challenge done previously the concept is simple buy a model cheaply from a bidding site, paint it up, sell it on. Any profit you make from doing it goes into the WAAC pot :)

So some rules as we all need rules otherwise we all descend into Hobby ADD!!

Buy a model cheaply, can be any model any genre, system, age, condition. Doesn’t matter where from as long as you can screen shot when you bought/won the model.

You then have 6 weeks (to allow for postage) to paint it. It does not need to be sold at the point BUT does need to be for sale.

Anything you can make above the original cost (ignoring postage) goes to WAAC.

Make sure you use Twitter, Facebook, Blogs as a way to share the challenge but also there may be prizes for the biggest % difference (free models is cheating though ;) )or original idea.

Donations to go here please WAAC2015

Optional Rules

Doesn’t need to be one model you could do a squad or even an army if you are mad enough BUT the cost per model needs to be less than £5.

If you miss the 6 week deadline (and it is not Royal Mails fault) then you have to add 1p per day late.

You can change your personal deadline as well. As long as we see proof of a start and end date

You can do it more than once if you wish other the coming months.

For more informations see the Just Giving Page, the twitter hashtags #WAAC #WAAC2015 and the FB page

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