February 18, 2015

Spartan Games - New HALO Preview


Spartan Games published a new article about their upcoming HALO tabletop game:

Is it canon?

The short answer is: YES! The scenarios and vessels are fully vetted by 343 Industries and the Halo Franchise team. In fact, the approvals process for this game is more rigorous than most, as Spartan Games is both visualizing previously unrealized designs and revealing details about Halo space combat known by only a handful of writers. The descriptive text and technical details will also be canon, and we are excited to have this opportunity to reveal them in proper context!

The long answer is a bit more nuanced. Think about the War Games modes within various Halo games. The armor you are wearing, the weapons you are using, even most of the environments you find yourself in – all of these are canonical entities grounded directly into the lore, even if the exact actions or outcomes of your particular simulation aren’t. It’s like in Halo 4, where your Spartan-IV used the War Games as training in order to tackle the canonical missions that took place within the Halo: Spartan Ops storyline. While Spartans hone their skills in the War Games (among many other training regimes), they aren’t the only members of the UNSC that need to stay at the top of their game. If Halo multiplayer is for Spartans, this new miniatures games is for the captains, commanders, and admirals keeping humanity one step ahead of their enemies. Think of this new adventure as a training simulator for the men and women trying to command their fleets to victory in whatever situation might be thrown their way. Outnumbered against a Covenant armada? Facing off against a formidable fleet fielded by insurrectionist forces? Commanding a Sangheili task force during the Great Schism? The scenarios are yours to design, and yours to play out. As the game grows, so do the possibilities. Ever wondered if the war might have turned out differently if the UNSC Infinity had been present at the fall of Reach? Just how many UNSC frigates does it take to knock out a supercarrier? You might just get your chance to find out.

Link: Article on HAlo Waypoint

Link: Spartan Games

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