February 10, 2015

RW Midrange at Super Sunday Series


Lately I've been writing mostly about Modern. However, Modern is not the only format Fate Reforged has made an impact on. This week, I will introduce some Standard decks playing cards from the new set.

First off, the Red-White Aggro deck by Ken Yukuhiro from the Super Sunday Series Championship is full of cards from Fate Reforged.

Soulfire Grand Master and Monastery Mentor, the two white mythic rares, are first to come to eye. Both are strong combined with noncreature spells, especially cheap spells like Stoke the Flames. Imagine casting Stoke the Flames for free, getting a token and triggering prowess. The synergy simply makes my mouth water.

Another new card that can't be overlooked is Outpost Siege. At first glance, it's a weak Chandra, Pyromaster, but actually is the exact opposite. Chandra's main purpose is to refuel, and that's just what this deck wants: more fuel. Outpost Siege is a Chandra that cannot be attacked. You can actually say it's better than Chandra, and a great top end of the mana curve for this deck.

Ken Yukuhiro's RW Midrange

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