February 18, 2015

Red-White Devotion in Standard


New cards don't only develop new decks. Sometimes new cards resurrect old decks forgotten due to lost key cards. Manwithplane251's Red-White Devotion deck is exactly this. It resembles the red devotion deck that was popular in the Standard scene just about this time last year.

The RR duo, Flamewake Phoenix and Mardu Scout, are what brought this deck together. I will explain exactly why.

Red Devotion's greatest strength is bringing out the full power of Purphoros, God of the Forge. Purphoros not only deals 2 damage each time a creature enters the battlefield, but he suddenly becomes a creature and attacks with haste from Hammer of Purphoros.

To make this happen, having RRRR on the table prior to casting Purphoros is ideal, which makes putting a RR creature on the battlefield turn two extremely important. This deck leaving the tournament scene after the rotation of strong RR creatures from Return to Ravnica block, such as Frostburn Weird, was simple cause and effect.

There are now eight cards in the two-mana slot, including Eidolon of the Great Revel. By curving a two-drop into the Phoenix, the deck has almost recovered to its former state.

Mardu Scout brought life back to this devotion strategy, but its merit is not only its mana cost. Not only can it attack with haste by playing its dash cost, but it can reuse Purphoros's 2 damage trigger ability continuously. Don't overlook this common. He's a real pest.

Manwithplane251's RW Devotion

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