February 12, 2015

Pro Tour Milestones


Pro Tour Fate Reforged , held just this past weekend, was a momentous tournament, full of wild swings, historic performances, and Spain's first Pro Tour Champion in the game's history. And, as Adam Styborski reported, it was also full of milestones for a number of notable pros.

In particular, we saw the following mile markers passed:

  • Andrew Cuneo, Jamie Parke, and the 1st-ranked Owen Turtenwald all found their 200th win in a Pro Tour Match.

  • Pro Tour Hall of Fame player William Jensen notched his 300th win on the Pro Tour.

  • Hall of Fame player Brian Kibler earned a stunning 400th win.

  • Matt Sperling played in his 300th match.

  • Paul Rietzl, another Hall of Fame pro, played in his 500th match.

  • Eric Froehlich, who made the Top 8 of the tournament, played in his 500th Pro Tour match.

  • Craig Wescoe played match number 400 on the Pro Tour.

A number of these players shared their favorite matches and memories as they passed their historic milestones. Adam Styborski talked with all of them and shared many of their memories during the Pro Tour. For those with a taste for history, it's well worth the read.

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