February 25, 2015

Mono-Green Devotion at Grand Prix Seville


The new wave of green decks at Seville continues. Marcio Carvalho's choice was also Green Devotion. In this case, Mono-Green Devotion. By dismissing red, the deck gained a more distinct game plan: mana creatures ramping into huge creatures. The deck has the full four Whisperwood Elementals, a card I discussed yesterday.

But this is just the beginning.

The deck has Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, a card often only seen in Blue-Black Control decks due to its high mana cost. Ugin's minus ability doesn't seem well matched with the deck. However, eight mana isn't a problem for this deck, and Ugin's plus and minus abilities are powerful enough that he makes losing very difficult once summoned.

If it's difficult to protect Ugin, that means the board is unfavorable anyway. In that case, why not reset it altogether, creatures and all? I never thought Ugin would fit in a Green Devotion deck, but Ugin gives the green deck a way to break through a situation it could not win otherwise.

Marcio Carvalho's Green Devotion—Top 8, Grand Prix Seville

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