February 03, 2015

Modern Jund


The Pro Tour is only a few days away and everyone is curious what deck will make the tournament. This week, I would like to continue introducing decks from Modern.

Today's deck is Jund.

Chances are, Jund will make a comeback after the new regulations. You could say Jund is the ancestor of all black-green decks. Jund is the first deck to use the basic strategy the black-green deck still uses today: Thoughtseize, Tarmogoyf, and Liliana of the Veil.

Oftentimes, decks add new colors to create new versions. However, the relationship between Jund and BG is the total opposite. There was the white Jund deck, splashing Lingering Souls, but many people have forgotten that, before that, red was the color combined with black-green.

The reason Jund turned into BG is mainly because of the banning of its ace creature Bloodbraid Elf, and later Deathrite Shaman. Deathrite Shaman was the card that pushed Jund to the top of the Modern scene, and without these creatures, there was little point in adding red to the deck in the former Modern metagame.

However, the format should slow down after the newly banned cards. And adding red for the longer game sounds like a good idea.

Karl Delatorre's Jund

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