February 10, 2015

Matt Fracella - Map Pack 6 Kickstarter


Matt Francella launched the Map Pack 6 ( Vile Dens of Slime and Treachery) Kickstarter:

Like our last map set, this set will include 4 maps that connect to form the "Smugglers Moon". Like Capitol City, its a sprawling cityscape, only this ones a little dirtier, darker, and treacherous. A labryinth of narrow dark alleys lead you to some pretty shady shops and cantinas.

This Map pack will feature additional DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT that will enhance your maps, and your adventures. the DLC will include full maps, tiles and objects that will can print up and connect!

Link: Campaign on Kickstarter

from Tabletop Fix http://ift.tt/1INySx6


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