February 11, 2015

Master of Monsters Pack


If you play Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers , we have a present for you! If you play on Steam, iOS, or Android, you'll find the Master of Monsters Pack, which provides new cards in your collection, starting February 11, 2015. Oh hey, that's today! Surprise!

(And don't worry Xbox 360 and Xbox One players, yours are coming soon!)

So what is a Master of Monsters Pack? Glad you asked! Here's the information:

Magic 2015 Master of Monsters Card Pack includes three new ten-card all-foil sets for use with your collection (30 cards in all):

  • "Ignoble Sacrifice" Set—Invoke the infernal powers of the abyss with this collection of black cards. Sheoldred, Whispering One can drive your opponents to madness, while Kalastria Highborn will squeeze every last drop of power out of your Vampire minions.

  • "Wings of Chaos" Set—Call upon the fires of chaos with this collection of red cards. Utvara Hellkite can raise an army of Dragons to serve you, while Warp World will throw your opponent's plans into complete disarray.

  • "Guardians of the Wild" Set—Summon aid from the depths of the forest with this collection of green cards. Craterhoof Behemoth crushes all in its path, while Masked Admirers brings you resources to strengthen your hand.

A client update is required for content to appear in your collection.

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