February 25, 2015

Grand Prix Liverpool Expected to Sell Out


ChannelFireball, the tournament organizer for Grand Prix Liverpool, announced today that preregistration for the Grand Prix main event had reached 1,400 players. The maximum capacity for the Grand Prix Liverpool main event is 1,850 players.

ChannelFireball has announced that on-site registration will only be available if the event does not sell out before Friday, March 6. As the main event for Grand Prix Liverpool is expected to sell out, we highly advise preregistering as soon as possible if you intend to play in it.

Grand Prix Liverpool takes place March 6–8. The format for the main event is Fate Reforged/ Khans of Tarkir Limited.

For regular updates on how many seats are left in the Grand Prix Liverpool main event, follow MagicProTour as well as ChannelFireball on Twitter.

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