January 23, 2015

Raging Heroes - New Kickstarter Announcement


Raging Heroes announced more details about their next Kickstarter campaign:

Every day we're receiving new messages about our next Kickstarter. The excitement is growing on all sides as we near the end of the TGG KS delivery, and the creative team is very hard at work on this new project. There's not yet a whole lot of info we can disclose at this point in time, but here are two key points:

4 armies:

Dark Elves (Fantasy)

Void Elves (Science-Fiction)

Sisters of Eternal Mercy (Fantasy)

Sisters of Eternal Mercy (Science-Fiction)

Planned launch: late March 2015

We will share more info in our next Updates but meanwhile, to help you wait, here's a new concept! This one is for the Sisters of Eternal Mercy: a Sun of Thorns' priestess.

Link: Announcement on Kickstarter

Link: Raging Heroes

from Tabletop Fix http://ift.tt/1yBF44w


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