January 30, 2015

January 30, 2015


Last weekend was the 2015 Super Sunday Series Championship, which took place here at Wizards of the Coast HQ. While the 44 competitors played through three different formats, it was Standard—showcasing the new Fate Reforged cards—that made up the majority of the tournament, as the Top 8 players needed their Standard decks to push them through to the trophy. Luis Salvatto of Argentina ultimately claimed victory with his Red-White Midrange deck, highlighting Outpost Siege's two modes in his final match.

We've got the Top 8 players' decklists for you, but along with that we also have the decks for the players who went undefeated through the Standard portion of Day One, as well as a couple of highlighted Standard decks from some of Asia's top players from last weekend's tournament.

Aside: the Super Sunday Series Championship was more than just a tournament. It was also a chance for players to draft with Wizards staff, and the trip out to compete was all-expenses-paid. If you'd like to experience this opportunity for yourself, all you have to do is win a Super Sunday Series side event, which takes place on Sunday at every Grand Prix around the world!

Brush up on the new Standard decklists, because Pro Tour Qualifiers (PTQs) for Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir are back! This season is currently awarding invitations to Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir , so find a PTQ near you, and maybe we will see you in Brussel, Belgium, in April later this year!

2015 Super Sunday Series Championship

Top 8 Decklists

Undefeated Standard Decklists

Standard Suites from Overseas

PTQs for Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir

Maitland, FL

Oshawa, ON

Magic Online Decklists

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