January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015


With no events this past weekend, the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings remain unchanged. That's going to be true next week, too, before all hell breaks loose. In the calm before the storm, let's take a look at where we stand.

At the head of the pack sits Owen Turtenwald, and if it wasn't for the looming presence of Pro Tour Fate Reforged, which is now less than three weeks away, we could confidently predict that Turtenwald would be No. 1 for plenty of time to come, as he leads No. 2 Ivan Floch by a full 10 points. Pro Tours always cause seismic shifts, but Turtenwald has shown that there are few chinks in his armor, and a Top 8 performance at the PT is the likely minimum requirement for even his nearest rivals to challenge his lead.

Floch continues to have an excellent season, with 40 points already locked in the precious Platinum vault. No. 3 Shaun McLaren and No. 4 Shahar Shenhar are also guaranteed Platinum for next season, despite us being barely halfway through this one! No. 5 Reid Duke has some more work to do. With 24 points this season, he's still winning, but sometimes the "wrong" tournaments—at Grand Prix Omaha, he missed out on Day Two, and then won the Super Sunday Series! Duke is only a hair's breadth behind double World Champion Shahar Shenhar, and heads a cluster of talent down to reigning Player of the Year Jérémy Dezani at No. 9.

Ari Lax and Sam Black are locked together in a battle to round out the Top 10, before the next gap takes us to Eric Froehlich at No. 12. Then a veritable who's who of the great and the good, all within 10 points, where we find Pro Tour Champion Craig Wescoe rounding out the Top 25. How much could things change over the next few weeks? If Wescoe were to claim a second Pro Tour title, he'd likely find himself as high as No. 3 in the world, while any of the Top 10 could yet find themselves looking down on everyone from Washington, DC.

Join us next week, as we look forward to a double-header Grand Prix appetizer before the Pro Tour main event, here at the home of the Magic Top 25 Pro Rankings.


1Owen Turtenwald83.34 1
2Ivan Floch73.80 2
3Shaun McLaren70.98 3
4Shahar Shenhar64.07 4
5Reid Duke63.79 5
6Lee Shi Tian62.80 6
7Yuuya Watanabe62.34 7
7William Jensen62.34 7
9Jeremy Dezani61.88 9
10Ari Lax57.08 10
11Samuel Black56.80 11
12Eric Froehlich52.07 12
13Stanislav Cifka51.62 13
14Jacob Wilson50.25 14
15Kentaro Yamamoto49.62 15
16Patrick Chapin49.34 16
17Yuuki Ichikawa47.80 17
18Josh Utter-Leyton47.43 18
19Ben Stark46.62 19
20Willy Edel46.35 20
21Paul Rietzl45.89 21
22Tom Martell45.43 22
23Alexander Hayne44.62 23
24Andrew Cuneo42.35 24
24Craig Wescoe42.35 24

Dropped from rankings: NONE

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