January 29, 2015



Over the weekend, a cool hashtag emerged asking players for four Magic cards that define them in some way—their origins, their favorites, their successes, and whatever else was important to them. #FourMTGCard asked players to show the images of four cards with a short explanation of why they chose those cards.

It all started with this:

Brian David-Marshall (@Top8Games)

Of course, Brian David-Marshall is a well-known name in Magic and a constant presence on Twitter, which means that a number of pros and other Magic folk picked up on the hashtag immediately.

Patrick Chapin (@thepchapin)

Luis Scott-Vargas (@lsv)

Owen Turtenwald (@OwenTweetenwald)

Brad Nelson (@fffreakmtg)

Josh McClain (@Good_Game_)

Nathan Holt (@WalkThePlanes)

Aaron Forsythe (@mtgaaron)

Evan Erwin (@misterorange)

And, of course, we couldn't stay out of the action ourselves. But being who we are, we got to do something a little…unique.


So what's your answer to #FourMTGCard?

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