January 27, 2015

Four-Color Zoo at GP Omaha


The Zoo deck—with Cats, Monkeys, and Elephants—has returned to the tournament scene with new members.

The new members are that Rhino you all know and its breeder(?), Anafenza, the Foremost.

The strength of Siege Rhino has been well proven in the Modern scene, but I never expected Anafenza.

However, it's not such a mystery once looking at the decklist.

It's the same size as Loxodon Smiter and, with a small risk, +1/+1 counters do you well.

In addition, it has the ability to prevent creatures entering the graveyard.

This is a strongpoint against cards like Kitchen Finks—otherwise a sore sight for the deck.

Attempts to add disruptive cards—such as Gaddock Teeg—to Zoo in the past have resulted in losing the first game, because 2/2 simply isn't big enough in a format full of monsters. Anafenza's ability is limited. But to have it on a creature big enough to make the main deck, I imagine Zoo will add black to its former red-green-white mana base, and four-color Zoo will be the style from now on.

Zac Roorda's Four-Color Zoo—Top 8, GP Omaha

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