January 29, 2015

Amulet Blood at GP Omaha


You have gone turn-one Gemstone Mine into Amulet of Vigor, and just played a land to cast Summer Bloom the second turn. Simic Growth Chamber and Primeval Titan are your only cards in-hand.

What else can you do this turn?

The answer is 8 damage plus six mana's worth of lands this turn, and 16 more damage next turn.

How? Easy.

You can play three more lands thanks to Summer Bloom, so play Simic Growth Chamber. The Chamber enters the battlefield untapped due to Amulet of Vigor, but you must return one land to your hand. Tap the Chamber for GU and return it to your hand. Doing this three time gives you six mana of GGGUUU. Summon Primeval Titan, searching for two lands.

Search for Boros Garrison and Slayers' Stronghold. (Returning a land from the Garrison.)

These enter the battlefield untapped, so pump your Titan into an 8/6 haste vigilance and attack, bring two more lands. including Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion. You're all set.

With the lands you play next turn and search from your Titan attack, you can activate Sunhome and Stronghold to deal 16 damage that turn, for 24 damage total. Easy, huh?

If you don't want to be fancy, you can always win the simple route and cast Hive Mind into Summoner's Pact.

Stephen Speck's Amulet Blood—Top 8, GP Omaha

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