January 28, 2015

Affinity at GP Omaha


The king of Modern beatdown is Zoo. However, there is another beatdown deck that has existed since the beginning of the Modern format.

That is Affinity, Brett Johnston's deck at GP Omaha.

You will notice from the decklist that the deck is composed mostly of artifacts. The creatures, two creature lands, and Darksteel Citadel are all artifacts.

Even the spells Galvanic Blast and Thoughtcast are related to artifacts. You can tell the deck means business.

This all builds up to the unbelievably explosive power the deck possesses.

Playing four to five permanents on turn one is nothing special.

Each permanent is usually something harmless like a 1/1, but with key cards such as Signal Pest and Master of Etherium, they become damage sources impossible to ignore. With Arcbound Ravager, Cranial Plating, and Steel Overseer, they become death-giving threats.

What started out as 3 points of damage on turn two quickly grows to 10 points on turn three. Worse, it doesn't matter what you remove, you're dead next turn.

This is a common scenario of the Affinity deck.

However, beware after the first game. Your opponent will most likely have a card like Shatterstorm, which will wipe out your whole board full of artifacts.

This inconsistency is probably why Affinity cards have not received bannings like Wild Nacatl in the past.

Brett Johnston's Affinity—Top 32, GP Omaha

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