January 22, 2013

Magic- SCIQ Feb. 2nd! Come out and win a Beta Pack!

FTW Games will be hosting a Magic Star City Games Invitational Qualifier Saturday February 2nd, at 12 Noon. 

First place will get you a spot at the SC Invitational later this season, and $250 CASH! If we get 70 people or more first place has the option to get a MAGIC BETA PACK! (800 dollars retail value.)

Where: FTW Games - Midlothian, VA
Description: StarCityGames.com Invitational Qualifier 
Cost: $25
Location: FTW Games 
Registration: 12:00-12:30PM First Pairings at 1PM
Format: Standard

Prizes: 1st - $250 Travel Award, or a PACK OF BETA (if we get 70 people)

Qualification for StarCityGames.com Invitational and IQ Top 8 Pin 
2nd - 24 Packs of Current Boosters
3rd-4th - 12 Packs of Current Boosters
5th-8th - 6 Packs of Current Boosters


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