December 10, 2010

FTW Members Club- New Discounts & Freebies!!!

At FTW Games we have the ultimate gift for the holidays, Discounts and Freebies!  FTW Members club is free to everyone who signs up, with no monthly cost for awesome!  What does this mean for you? Gaming for less- prices that match or beat discounts you can find on the internet!

Read on true believers!

Membership Includes the Following:

•    10% OFF* almost every item in the store!
•    5% OFF* everything else except food/drinks
•    Unlimited use of the Hobby Bar!
•    Special member deals and promotions.
•    FTW Players Club, which if followed correctly, earns you the right to get a HUGE discount on one single item on the last Wed of that month.
•    Fancy Membership Card of Awesomeness.

But wait that's not all- members also get....

Double Down Discounts!
Make any single purchase over $120 and receive 20% Off* our main product lines (GW, Privateer, RPG’s, Board Games, and more).  Other product lines are capped at 10% (see product list at the shop for more details)

So now there really isn’t a good reason to order online, unless you just really want to pay for shipping.

**Discounts are given in the form of store credit kept on your account and available in whole or partially on your next day’s purchases. You can not accumulate store credit by using store credit, however on any sale that you use a mix of store credit and legal tender you will receive store credit on the amount of legal tender you use.  Store credit is worth 1/100 of a cent, and is only redeemable at FTW Games.   **

Be sure to checkout our other FREE discounts and rewards here at FTW Games!

FTW Players Club
FTW Daily Discount and Double Down Discounts


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  4. If you get store credit, can you save up store credit to put towards a large purchase?


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