December 20, 2010

FTW Games- FREE Players Club Rewards


Hey guys, have you heard about our FREE players club that can earn you 40% OFF at FTW Games?

Checkout our very own members program to reward our loyal players and patrons.  The FTW Players Club is FREE and with it, you will get 5%-20% back on purchases depending on brand!

What’s new? Every time you play a game on the designated game night (40k on 40k night, or Magic during FNM, etc.), OR you play in a “paid” event for that game, you can get a check on your members card.

On the last Wednesday of the month you can turn in your full card (containg FIVE marks) to receive 40% OFF ONE SINGLE ITEM*.

-To get a check mark you MUST get your check mark the day you played. You can’t come back on another day and get a mark for a previous day.
-You can not save marks month to month, every month you must get five marks for that month to get 40% OFF.
-Discount is taken from the full retail value of the item,  One single item, No more kits. (Magic Booster Boxes, Heroclix Bricks, etc.)
-Paid events are any tournament OR activity that requires an entry fee to play.  Game nights are notated on our monthly schedule, and website.
-One card per persons, one mark per event only. You can not use someone elses card to get a discount on members night, sorry.

Be sure to checkout our other FREE discounts and rewards here at FTW Games!

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